Frequently Asked Questions

What is Commonland?

Commonland is actually two things, a place and an organization. You already know something about the place from accessing our home page. The organization is Commonland Community Residents’ Association, the governing body of our community. Every owner is automatically a member of this organization. As such, s/he is eligible to attend all CCRA meetings, to serve on our executive board and our committees, and to vote on matters such as the annual budget which pertain to the community at large. S/he is also obliged to observe and abide by the by-laws, rules and covenants of Commonland, which can be studied in their entirety here.

Can people rent units at Commonland?

Yes and no. More specifically: a unit may be available to rent for a year (or two, with permission from the Board) if the owner is traveling or is living elsewhere temporarily. However, the bylaws of Commonland (hyperlink to relevant item) specifically rule out “absentee landlord” practices by requiring owners to live in their Commonland units (specifics here.) This provision has a twofold aim, to reinforce Commonland’s sense of community and to ensure against the neglect and disrepair a dwelling may suffer when no individual is directly responsible for its wellbeing.

Does every home at Commonland have a carport?

No.  There are 99 homes but currently only 72 carports.  When Commonland was developed, homeowners were given the opportunity to have carports built at their own expense, and only some owners opted for a carport.  The existing carports belong to and convey with specific homes.  In recent years, where flat space and proximity to homes made carports feasible, several owners have had carports built.  A separate yearly fee is assessed on each carport to provide for its maintenance.

Are pets welcome at Commonland?

Yes, but certain restrictions apply. Some of these appear in the bylaws to which a resident agrees when s/he moves to Commonland. Others are local laws. All, we believe, are consonant with simple courtesy and regard for the welfare of the community. They are not hard to remember or difficult to follow.

The bylaws limit each household to two pets.  Both the Town of Ithaca and Commonland require that all dogs be leashed or enclosed in fenced yards when outdoors.  In addition CCRA expects owners to pick up their dogs’ waste and dispose of it properly in one of the several dumpsters located throughout Commonland. Dogs must be walked away from our houses, patios and yards. Patios and yards are not for toileting. Dogs causing a nuisance by barking incessantly, by running loose or by threatening the safety of neighbors can be evicted. Owners who fail to clean up after their dogs or to keep them leashed outdoors can be required to remove them from Commonland.