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      FYI–In case anyone needs to know, the laundromat up at the East Hill Plaza has closed for good. Those of us who routinely or just occasionally take laundry up there will have to make other plans.

      Also, the Farmers Market at the plaza (by Walgreens) has resumed operations. It is open on Wednesdays from 4:00-7:00. Totally outdoors.

      Finally, remember that there is also a Fork ‘Em Over truck at that location during the same hours (and on Saturdays). You can drop off food scraps that aren’t suitable for our Commonland composters–including meat, bones, thick rinds, etc. You need a green compostible plastic bag (they provide these for free), I keep a green bag of food scraps in my freezer and then drop them off when the bag gets full.

      Food Scraps Recycling: Fork ‘Em Over

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