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      I live near the pond, and am looking for a local dog sitter to take care of Minna, a standard poodle, and Fred, a slightly bossy cat.

      Minna needs to stay home, as she has thrombocytopenia, and the stress of a boarding kennel could make her disease worse. She needs pills twice a day. Luckily, she is the easiest dog in the world to pill. She’ll dissect meds out of food, but is great when you poke them down her throat. Because she is ill, she’ll need to potty at least three times a day because of the steroids she is taking.

      Fred just needs to be fed once a day, and have his litter box cleaned if I am gone more than three days. He’s a social dude, and will greet you at the door, like a dog.

      “Why go out of town when your dog is ill?”, I hear you ask. Well, I might be accepted into an immunotherapy trial at Memorial Sloane Kettering in NYC, as I have a fairly sincere case of terminal cancer. I’m thinking, I should probably go if they call.

      Anyone interested in petsitting for more than the average rate because of Minna’s needs can contact me at [email protected]. If this notice is TMI; I’m sorry. I really want to find a good sitter for Miss Minna, and I know if they are close, taking care of her needs will be easier.

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